Dan Savoie is a new fresh face in the Vancouver acting scene. With a winng attitude and superior results, his performances and professionalism are a welcomed addition to any set. He has worked with renown directors, as well as several up-and-comers on television, commercial, infomercial and motion pictures. Dan stars as Tom Kirkman in the upcoming featured short horror film tentatively titles Asterix, a striking film modeled after the Japanese horror flick style.

He was born January 18, 1968 in Scarborough, Ontario, but began his career as an editorial assistant with Rock Scene Magazine for a special publication while still in high school, in addition, he was a regular contributor to the hard rock radio program on CHEZ 106-FM in Ottawa. He worked as an editor for a newspaper in the TorStar chain and as a disc jockey and promo man with several radio stations before discovering acting.

Dan appears in several films, television and commercial programs, including music videos for the bands Jet Set Satellite, Brad Johner, Hot Little Rocket and was even a part of a crowd scene for Bon Jovi, He has also had the opportunity to appear in an episode of Due South, several episodes of Disasters of The Century and Crimes Stories for History Television. He can be seen in an upcoming feature film Lost Souls, set for world-wide release, and is the crazy announcer Skip in a new motion picture release called Behind The Eight Ball, shot on the new Red Camera.

He also appears in Prairie Giant: The Tommy Douglas Story and The Englishman's Boy airing on CBC.

Behind the scenes, he has had the pleasure of working with The Rolling Stones, Black Eyed Peas, Canadian Music Hall of Fame Inductee Sylvia Tyson and Grammy Award winning singer Kevin McMillan and has been on the set of television, video and motion picture sets. Dan has lived and traveled throughout Canada, by himself and as the manager of a large independent rock band, but settled in Vancouver in 2007.

In addition to acting, Dan is a renown and recognized music photographer, having shot The Rolling Stones, Black Eyed Peas, Willie Nelson, along with more than a hundred internationally recognized recording artists. Dan is also passionate about shooting models and actors, both those experienced and for those who might just be a bit curious about it.